The News from Ball Ground, Georgia


Water Meter Change Out and Conversion

The City of Ball Ground will begin a full water meter change out program in July, 2007. This change out will insure that water flowing through the system is being properly accounted for. At the same time it will install a backflow prevention device on every water meter, making our system safer from outside sources of contamination. The new meters will be equipped with automatic radio read sensors. Meters will then be read by radio from a vehicle driving through the neighborhood. This project, estimated at $190,000.00 will improve the safety and efficiency of our system.


Ground Water Search

In March 2007 the City of Ball Ground hired the firm of Emory and Garrett out of New Hampshire to implement the latest known technologies to search below the earths surface for new sources of drinking water. To date, three on site studies have been completed and computer modeling is currently taking place. The City anticipates that on or about June 4, 2007 we will be able to pin point the exact areas to drill for water. The City will then work to obtain property owners approval as well as EPD approval to install test wells.


Georgia's Drought Continues

The director of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has declared a level two drought response across the state and will require all Georgians to follow a more stringent outdoor water use schedule.

The level two drought was declared for all of Georgia. EPD Director Couch said drought conditions will continue to be monitored and she will confer with the Drought Response Committee again in a month. Revised drought response declarations will be issued as necessary.
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Streetscapes Project

The downtown streetscapes project plans have been approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation. The City is now in the process of obtain the necessary easements and rights of way to construction the project.

Once all necessary rights of way have been obtained, and verified by the State, the City will be allowed to bid the project. As of May 4, 2007 the City has obtained 15 of the required 22 parcels.

We hope to obtain the remainder of the property prior to the end of May.


City Hall Project

Construction crews mobilized on May 7, 2007 to begin work on the new Ball Ground City Hall. The complex will initially consist of 2 buildings. One will be an administrative building, while the second building will house the Council Chambers and Municipal Court, and will also temporarily house the Police Department.

The layout and site preparation is being done with plans in mind to construct a third building in the future to be the permanent home of the Police Department. The project is expected to take 6 months to construct.


City of Ethics Program

Ball Ground named to City of Ethics Program! Certification under this program program is an attempt to raise awareness about ethics issues at the local level and provide a local forum for the airing and resolution of legitimate concerns.

The use of a local ethics ordinance allows citizens to raise their concerns and participate in the ethics investigation process at the local level, where the voice and influence of the individual citizen is strongest.